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Belly Dance Fundamentals 

This belly dancing class will teach you how to move your body in new ways and refine those movements through focused steps. By utilizing movements taught in this class, students will also learn how to dance with others through improvisation. Each class will be a culmination from the previous classes as students advance together over the next 6 weeks.

Brittney Gray has been belly dancing since 2011. She often practices and sometimes performs with her troupe partners of Wildthorne Tribal Collective and with Glenda of Hibiscus Tribal Belly Dance.

*Items required include comfortable clothing that allows you to move freely, finger cymbals (available to rent), water bottle, notebook and pen.

Upcoming Dates: 

Classes are temporarily suspended until further notice. Please contact the Rotary Centre for the Arts for more information.

Location: Rotary Centre for the Arts

Room: SunFM Dance Studio or Salloum Studio

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